DHSC visit to Tunbridge Wells Care Centre

We were delighted to welcome several representatives from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) at our home recently.

The group, which was drawn from across the DHSC’s Adult Social Care directorate, began their visit with a guided tour of the home by our manager Donna Barks. They then joined residents and relatives in the lounge for the morning’s activities, while getting to know the residents and hearing their perspective on life at the home. Led by head of activities Rachel Ticehurst-Richardson, everyone had fun playing games with balloons and bean bags, although you could hear a pin drop while participants battled to achieve the winning score!

After a tasty lunch with residents in the dining room, it was time for a spot of gardening. Despite it being a chilly day, a group of hardy residents bundled up and planted tomatoes and sweet peas with Rachel and activities assistant Heidi Debonnaire.

“We were so excited to show them what we do each day, how we provide good care and take pride in what we do. Everything ran very smoothly, and the team was struck by how well Liberty, Leon, Elif, Harriet, Nosheen and Barney interacted with the residents,” said Donna.

Our clinical manager Sara Phillips added: “We wanted our visitors to relax and be completely themselves while at TWCC, although we do understand that there were a lot of new people for them to interact with! It was a really positive learning experience for all of us.”

Liberty, one of the DHSC visitors, said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Donna and TWCC for such a warm welcome, for hosting us and sharing their valuable insights and perspectives of working in adult social care with us. The team really enjoyed the day – the staff were incredibly friendly, and it was evident from speaking with the residents and their relatives, that the strong focus on community meant they totally felt at home. We were all really impressed, too, by how enthusiastic the staff were, especially the amazingly energetic Rachel and Heidi from the activities team.”