Can I personalise my own room?

We encourage our residents to bring personal items with them, including certain items of furniture, to help their room feel like home. Furniture has to meet fire and health and safety regulations, so we ask you to discuss this with the home manager before moving in.

What is a personal care plan and how ‘personal’ is it?

It is completely individual, and covers your physical, mental and emotional needs – every aspect of your life from personal care to activities. We begin to develop it before you move in, and it is updated monthly. We use an electronic care plan which records in real time, making vital information instantly accessible and giving the care and nursing teams more time to spend with you.

Is there a choice of food?

The daily menu is available in advance for you to choose from. If you do not like anything on the menu on a particular day, we can prepare something else. We cater for food allergies (gluten, dairy, nuts etc), and also for a range of diets relating to any medical conditions that our residents may have (e.g. needing a puréed diet). If we know what you need, we will cater for it.

Do health professionals like dentists, opticians, chiropodists and physiotherapists visit regularly?

Our residents, especially those who are cared for in bed, can receive visits from a range of professionals. You are also welcome to make private arrangements for treatment by certain professionals, such as dentists and physiotherapists, at the home.

Can I come for a short stay to see if I like it here?

If a suitable room is available, you can come and stay with us for a minimum of two weeks as a short-term resident. The maximum period you can spend as a short-term resident is usually four weeks and maybe six, depending on circumstances, or extended at the manager’s discretion. Many of our residents have liked it so much that they have decided to stay permanently! If you’d like to know more, contact your home of choice.

When are visiting times?

There are no set visiting times, nor are there any restrictions, but please bear in mind that some times of day are better for you than others, such as mealtimes. Your relatives and friends are also welcome to join you for family celebrations, events at the home or for our activities sessions if they wish.

How will I know whether you offer the right level of care for me?

You will have a pre-admission assessment conducted by our home manager (or another member of the senior home team) so that we fully understand your situation and needs. This will include talking to you and your family members as well as looking at your local authority’s care needs assessment, if you have one. This information will be added to your care plan which will be updated monthly. We will only offer you a home if we know we can meet your care needs.

I have always been active, I am worried that I might get bored. What is there for me to do?

Activities are a key part of your personal care plan, and our wellbeing team will work with you on a 1:1 basis to find out what you are interested in, as well as organising a busy timetable of group activities and entertainment. We will also help you to get as much physical exercise as you can handle, depending on what you enjoy doing.

I’m quite well at the moment, but just don’t want to live alone. Will you be able to look after me if I start needing more care?

Our home offers nursing care and is staffed by qualified and experienced nurses. Before you move in we will carry out a pre-admission assessment so that we fully understand your situation and care needs. We will always do our best to accommodate changing needs, but there may be some instances where we cannot meet your requirements at our home. This is extremely rare but if it occurs we will, of course, do our utmost to help you find an alternative home.

Is it OK for my family to take me out for the day?

If you are able to get out and about, and want to go, then of course! It is helpful if they let the home manager know in advance, so we can help make sure you are ready.

What does the 12 week disregard mean?

If you are intending to pay for your care home fees by selling your house, the local authority must disregard the value of your property for the first 12 weeks of your permanent move to the care home. Once the property sells, the local authority will then take back the care home fees that they have paid using the proceeds of sale. There is usually interest charged on this type of agreement. You can find some useful information, regarding the 12-week disregard on the links below:  

Can I keep my own GP?

This may be possible if our home is in the same area as your current GP’s surgery. However, you will automatically be registered with our home’s local GPs who visit regularly, unless you tell us differently.

Is the home fully safe and secure? Will someone look after my relative if they get confused and try to leave?

The safety and security of our residents, especially those living with dementia, is a top priority. Our home’s security measures are designed to ensure everyone’s safety. The floors where our residents with dementia live have additional keypad access in and out. It is quite common for people experiencing dementia to be restless, especially at night. Our specially trained staff will walk with them, calm them, and see them safely back to bed when they are ready. Our garden is also fully enclosed and secure.

I hate being rushed in the mornings, and like to eat my breakfast on my own. Will I have to go to a dining room?

We will find out how you prefer your morning routine, and will bring your breakfast to you in your room if you prefer. You will be welcome to join us in the dining room any time if you change your mind!

Is there parking for visitors?

All our homes have some parking outside the home. Be aware that it is on a first come, first served basis and may be full at busy times.

What type of care do you provide overall?

Our dedicated and highly professional staff provide long-term residential, nursing, dementia and palliative/end-of-life care with empathy and compassion in comfortable surroundings. We also offer shorter-term care to cover a carer’s holiday or period of absence (also known as respite care) and convalescent care to help someone recover after a stay in hospital.

How do I pay for the fees?

Fees are payable monthly by standing order or direct debit. For more information about fees and finance please click here.

What doesn’t the fee include?

Your fee will not include the following services:
  • Dentistry (where NHS service not available)
  • Chiropody and physiotherapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Opticians
  • Clothing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Escort to hospital or another location
  • Personal copies of newspapers or magazines
  • Personal purchases such as alcoholic beverages, confectionery, stationery and toiletries
  • Private ambulance or taxi
  • Professional hairdressing
  • Personal medical supplies, other than homely remedies or those available on prescription

Do you take funded and privately funded residents?

We take privately funded, NHS-funded and local authority-funded residents.

Is there a smoking area for residents?

Although we are a non-smoking home, there are areas outside where our residents can smoke.

Can residents administer their own medications?

Some can if they have mental capacity. Depending on the medication, this may need to be stored securely.

Do you arrange transport to the home on admission?

No, we do not. If you are coming from hospital, the hospital will arrange transport, otherwise, this will need to be arranged privately.

Do you provide physiotherapy?

If physiotherapy has been prescribed on the NHS by a doctor then we can arrange for you to see a physiotherapist, either at a hospital or here at the home. There may be a charge to accompany you to any appointments.

Do I have to provide proof that I can pay privately for my care fees?

If you are paying for your care yourself, the home will need to see written evidence of a minimum of two years’ worth of funding, such as bank statements or share certificates. The home manager can discuss this with you in more detail.

What furniture is provided in the room?

Each room is equipped with an adjustable automatic bed with a handset control for your comfort, a wardrobe, lockable bedside cabinet, chest of drawers/dressing table, cosy armchair, a nurse-call system, TV and free Wi-Fi. To help you feel at home from day one, we encourage you and your family to personalise your room with photos as well as favourite ornaments and small items of furniture.

Can I bring my motorised scooter/chair with me?

Because of the nature of our home’s layout, we would find it difficult to accommodate any type of motorised scooters and chairs safely. However, it may be possible after a full risk assessment by the home manager, in conjunction with the health & safety manager. The batteries powering these carry fire risks, and we have to ensure the safety of our residents and staff at all times. So please talk to the home manager if you wish to bring one into the home.

Do you provide a clothes-labelling service?

We ask all our residents to ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with their name before moving into the home. If you cannot do this yourself the home may be able to provide this service for you, although there may be a small, one-off fee.