Our training commitment

At Canford Healthcare we value our team highly and invest lots of resources in ensuring that you each have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to excel in your role. For us, creating a trained and dedicated workforce whereby individuals and teams can develop and progress is paramount.

When you join you will be enrolled in a relevant and ongoing programme of training and development delivered by our in-house development team.

Our face-to-face training is supported by an online learning system which enables you to complete theory training topics on-line from your phone, laptop or tablet. It also sends reminders when your training is due to renew. The system has a large catalogue of additional care and clinical topics to develop your skills and career with us.

There are opportunities to attend relevant courses and seminars outside the organisation. We also encourage you to study for professional qualifications and provide support on your learning journey.


During  your first 12 weeks with us you will receive a specific, job-related induction to learn about the company, our policies, values and standards .