Charles Carey, our new clinical manager, is not new to the Canford family. Having moved over from Maples recently, Charles was originally a nurse but quickly rose through the ranks there to Team Leader. And, when the role for clinical manager at TWCC became available, he was keen to apply!

So far, Charles has settled in nicely here in Tunbridge Wells, thanks to the help and support he receives regularly from his colleagues at the home as well as head office. He is quick to praise the “team effort” here at TWCC and feels privileged to have been so incorporated into the family atmosphere, which “really brings residents and staff together”.

Charles always had a soft spot for his grandparents, three of whom unfortunately had dementia. This encouraged him to make a living out of caring for those in a similar position. Having spent several years in the army reserves, followed by a role as a healthcare assistant in a mental hospital, he decided to train as a nurse before finding himself in here at TWCC.

He says: “Everyone has made me feel so welcome. The residents are lovely, and the staff are really helpful. I’m enjoying working with Theresa, the home manager, and my priorities are to build upon the friendly and inviting atmosphere at TWCC. I am invested in learning the stories of each person and encourage everyone to bring a little that is special about themselves, to share it with each other. This all encourages staff and residents to work in partnership with each other, to maximise quality of life and independence.”

Charles is an avid astronomist, rugby fan and World War Two history buff. He manages to combine some of his hobbies with his work by watching rugby matches at the home with the residents and discussing World War Two with a collection of memorabilia. He tried to bring in his telescope to observe the recent solar eclipse through a technique called Solar Projection, however, in a prior test, some components melted due to the intense magnification and heat. They instead enjoyed it with the safe use of specialist Solar Glasses.