Tunbridge Wells Care Centre


Meet Nurse Aguida

Aguida has worked at Tunbridge Wells Care Centre for just over a year. Before that she worked as a community nurse and in wound care and before taking time out to have her son she worked at Guys hospital in London. Speaking about working at TWCC, she says: “I love it here, everyone is friendly and approachable. I love knowing my residents and seeing their daily progression and I take great pride in making them feel comfortable and valued”.

Aguida is originally from Brazil and came to England to study English, and when she first moved to the UK all she could say was ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’! Through hard work Aguida learnt the language and whilst studying she met her husband. It was whilst working as a Health Care Assistant that she found her passion, and she loved it so much she decided to do a nursing degree.

It was a big step leaving her home in Brazil and she still misses the sunshine and the slower pace of life, but she says “I am so happy here with my husband and my son. I love the heritage you have here in England and the countryside.”

Aguida met her husband whilst working in a wine shop. She could tell he was interested so after they had chatted for a while she took the first step and gave him her number! Their first date was a lovely walk in the countryside. He proposed after seven years whilst they were on holiday. It was on the beach, at sunset and it was very romantic.

When not at work, Aguida spends her time looking after her son, and they like to take him to places and walk in the countryside with their dog. Aguida says “My son is very active and a joyful handful!”

When she has some downtime she catches up on some much needed sleep as her son is awake so early! She also likes to watch fantasy films and romantic comedies. She also likes to read as it’s a great form of escapism. Aguida and her husband have just brought a record player and they love classical music, opera and the musicals and they also have a vegetable plot in the garden that keeps them busy.

Aguida recently started cooking more English food and tried a roast dinner but her first attempt was a disaster. She said “It is so difficult trying to get everything ready at the same time!”