Tunbridge Wells Care Centre


Introducing Reefa

Admin assistant Reefa Le Clos is a friendly new face on Reception here at the Tunbridge Wells Care Centre.

South African born Reefa (christened Aretha) moved to the UK six months ago with husband Justin, now a restaurant manager for Forest Row restaurant Java and Jazz, and nine-year-old daughter Riley. Reefa’s son Franco, 24, recently joined them from Durban.

Reefa is a trained marketeer, having worked on the University of South Africa’s graduate and doctorate programmes. When Riley was born, Reefa opted to be a stay-at-home mum so she could more easily attend school events and take her daughter to after-school activities.

In her new role, Reefa works 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday. As well as Reception duties, she is involved with RotaCloud, PeopleHR, scheduling and general administration.

She says: “After just a month I’ve still got a lot to learn but slowly and surely I’m getting there. I love meeting people and am really enjoying getting to know the residents. We get a lot of visitors so my biggest challenge is remembering what I was doing each time when the phone rings or visitors arrive!”

In her spare time, Reefa goes to the gym three times a week. “I have a sweet tooth, so working out means I don’t feel so guilty when I sample the treats my daughter and I love to bake,” she says.